The Steve Jobs Way

The Steve Jobs Way

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The Steve Jobs Way delivers a fresh account of Steve Jobs’ journey with Apple, and the book also tries to convey Jobs’ style of innovative thinking and leadership.


Author: William Simon & Jay Elliot

ISBN: #9788179927687

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the steve jobs way delivers a fresh account of steve jobs' journey with apple, and the book also tries to convey jobs' style of innovative thinking and leadership. jay elliot is the former senior vice president of apple, and he provides an insider's account on steve jobs and his style of working at apple. elliot covers the significant portions of jobs' life, starting from the design of the initial products like the macintosh to jobs' sudden dismissal from the company and his later comeback. the book traces the leadership style followed by steve jobs' and the apple culture of promoting simplicity and excellence. it explores the four key components of `ileadership' - talent, product, marketing, and organization. while talking about these components, the book also highlights the main factor that set jobs apart from the rest - his obsession with consumer satisfaction and easy usability, which is consistent with apple's extremely minimalistic products like the ipod, ipad and iphone. in this book, the authors also discuss jobs' involvement with pixar animation studios. the book explores steve jobs' relationship with apple through interviews with key players in the company, and it reveals several facets of jobs' character and career that are not widely known. written from the perspective of a close colleague, this book provides a view of steve jobs and apple that is up close and personal. .


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