The Meaning Of The 21st Century

The Meaning Of The 21st Century

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We are travelling at breakneck speed into an era of extremes – extremes of wealth and poverty, extremes in technology, extremes in globalization. If we are to survive, we must learn how to manage them all.’


Author: James Martin

ISBN: #9781903919866

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we live at a turning point in human history. ahead is a century of massive change. either we learn to manage this change, or we allow it to control us and face devastating consequences. james martin explains with clarity and precision the nature of the challenges we face, from global warming to famine, religious extremism and technological advance, and then defines the thinking that will provide us with solutions for the future. far from doom-mongering, his book is an extraordinarily optimistic and empowering argument for transition on a global scale: a ringing call to arms and a pragmatic blueprint for action. .


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