The Lost Years Of Jesus

The Lost Years Of Jesus

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A documentary evidence of Jesus’ 17 year journey to India, Neal and Tibet.


Author: Elizabeth Clare Prophet

ISBN: #9788184950199

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ancient texts reveal that jesus sent seventeen years in the orient. they say that from age 13 to age 29 he was both student and teacher. the events of his ilgrimage from jerusalem to india were recorded by buddhist historians. to this day he is known and loved throughout the east as saint issa. for the first time elizabeth clare rohet brings together the testimony of four eyewitnesses of these remarkable documents. with the thoroughness of a determined discile turned detective she tells the intriguing story of the international controversy that arose when the manuscrits were first discovered in 1887 by nicolas notovitch how exerts roved they did not exist, only to have them rediscovered in this century by swami abhedananda, rofessor nicholas roerich, and mme elisabeth casari. now you can read in one volume the chronicles and legends of what jesus did and said in india, neal, ladakh, and tibet rior to his alestinian mission and the heartwarming ersonal accounts of those who made the trek to the himalayas and brought back the most revolutionary message of our time. .


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