The Fabric Of The Cosmos

The Fabric Of The Cosmos

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The Fabric Of The Cosmos: Space, Time And The Texture Of Reality is an odyssey in space and time, through the seemingly infinite strings and space warps within which our mysterious and magical universe operates.


Author: Brian Greene

ISBN: #9780141011110

Product Description

the fabric of the cosmos: space, time and the texture of reality is a popular science book that tackles the big questions. it directly asks and attempts to answer questions such as what is reality and whether existence is possible without space and time, can we travel to the past, and what the limits of the universe are. the book from start to finish is an exploration of all that human beings have understood about the makeup of the universe. it is a journey which begins with classical physics and ends in the mysterious ten-dimensional m-theory. brian greene, in this book, has sought to make the non-intuitive, and sometimes counter-intuitive, mathematical concepts and theories accessible to the general audience, and the non-specialists. concepts and ideas such as string theory, inflationary cosmology, and the heisenberg uncertainty principle are explained by drawing analogies to common experiences. undertaking such a task, daunting as it is, stems from brian's passion for science and an ability to convert abstract scientific and mathematical ideas into poetic images. brian greene also discusses teleportation, albeit in a more philosophical platform. he then explains in much greater depth the paradoxes of time travel. additionally, he introduces his readers to his vision of life in a three-brane universe. towards the end of the book, greene surveys likely discoveries of the coming decades. the fabric of the cosmos: space, time and the texture of reality garnered extensive praise from newspapers and magazines. while sunday times recommended it as a must-read, the reviews of the book in guardian and the new york times were positive. the book spent half a year on the new york times bestseller list. .


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