River Out Of Eden

River Out Of Eden

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How did the replication bomb we call “life” begin and where in the world, or rather, in the universe, is it heading? Writing with characteristic wit and an ability to clarify complex phenomena (the New York Times described his style as “the sort of science writing that makes the reader feel like a genius”), Richard Dawkins confronts this ancient mystery.


Author: Richard Dawkins

ISBN: #9781857994056

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the river of dawkins's title is a river of dna, flowing through time from the beginning of life on earth to the present - and onwards. dawkins explains that dna must be thought of as the most sophisticated information system imaginable: 'life is just bytes and bytes of information,' he writes. using this perspective, he describes the mechanisms by which evolution has taken place, gradually but inexorably, over a period of three thousand million years. it is the story of how evolution happens, rather than a narrative of what has actually happened in evolution. he discusses current views on the process of human evolution, including the idea that we all trace back to a comparatively recent african 'eve', and speculates that the 'information explosion' that was unleashed on earth when dna came into being has almost certainly happened in other places in the universe. .


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