Natural Home Pharmacy

Natural Home Pharmacy

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Author: Keith & Linda Scott

ISBN: #9781840673395

Product Description

all in color! get advice on the wealth of complementary remedies and therapies that can promote a healthy lifestyle, body, and mind. which foods, vitamins, minerals, and herbs can affect well being? what role do techniques like exercise, massage, meditation, and acupressure play, and how can you harness their power? these questions are answered in text and charts that are geared toward the layperson. feel a cold coming on or has drowsiness from jet lag caught up with you? find recommendations for treating what ails you without recourse to drugs by consulting the self-help glossary of 100 common ailments. look up a condition and you'll find a short description followed by general dietary advice plus specific treatments. tackle sore throats, insomnia, headaches, hay fever, and indigestion with a range of herbal, homeopathic, supplemental, aromatherapeutic, and other remedies. you can be on the road to improving your health and quality of life in no time. .


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