Hitler And The Holocaust

Hitler And The Holocaust

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A superb short historical analysis of the Holocaust, by one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject


Author: Robert S. Wistrich

ISBN: #9780812968637

Product Description

robert wistrich begins by exploring the origins of anti-semitism in europe, and especially in germany, to try to explain how millions of jews came to be killed systematically by the third reich. in the process of relating these events, he provides new and incisive answers to a number of central questions concerning the shoah that have emerged over recent years: who, inside and outside nazi germany, knew that jews were being murdered; how responsibility for the genocide should be divided between hitler himself and ordinary germans; and how historians have tried to make sense of the holocaust. the book concludes by considering the legacy of nazi crimes since 1945: the nuremburg trials, the impact of the holocaust on diaspora jewry (particularly in israel and america), and the rise of neo-nazism and holocaust-denial. .


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