High Blood Cholesterol: Causes, Prevention And Treatment

High Blood Cholesterol: Causes, Prevention And Treatment

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What is cholesterol? Good Cholesterol vs Bad Cholesterol. How to increase you good cholesterol. Normal cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels in women and children. Why Indians are more vulnerable to heart attacks. Which cooking oils actually fight cholesterol. The dangers of desi ghee. How coffee, tea and smoking affect cholesterol. Fibre in you food: how it helps reduce cholesterol. Heart disease due to high blood cholesterol is both avoidable and curable. In almost all cases high blood cholesterol can be controlled and reversed through changes in lifestyle, diet and regular exercise; only a few require medication or surgery. This book provides medically correct and accurate information in easily understood language. It recommends a range of practical tips for choosing the right foods, suggests Do’s and Don’ts and explains the how and the why of a low cholesterol lifestyle for a lifetime of active health.


Author: Dr. Krishan Gupta

ISBN: #9788122201666

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cholesterol itself is not a disease, but high blood cholesterol is a major cause of coronary heart disease leading to heart attacks. it is now established and accepted beyond doubt that lowering elevated cholesterol level actually decreases the risk of heart attacks. studies show that every 1% reduction in cholesterol level leads to 2% reduction in the risk of heart disease. the theme of this book is preventing coronary heart disease by recognizing, modifying and reducing the risk due to high blood cholesterol. while most health conscious individuals are aware of the risk, few really know whether they are in the high, medium or low risk category. this book takes away your fears but cautions you; it reveals the likely damages caused by high cholesterol, yet shows you the way to counter them. it tells you how simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can bring your cholesterol within normal limits. informative, authoritative and comprehensive- high blood cholesterol is back by the latest in research findings, surgical remedies and medicinal cures. this book is not only for those with a family history of heart disease, those suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, or heavy smokers; it is for all those who wish to lead a healthy and long active life. .


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